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NVQ Level 2 Courses for Staff

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24/7 helpline for employees

By managing each site and our employees effectively we are able to deliver a professional daily cleaning service in Greater Manchester that is reliable and provides value for money.  We create a detailed cleaning specification and operations manual, copies of which are kept on site, they list all the areas to be cleaned, the level of detail required, frequency, equipment and methods to be used.  These documents are agreed with the client from the outset and are used by our cleaning staff and supervisors every time we clean to ensure that we meet the clients exact requirements.


For the first month of each new contract the cleaning supervisor will work along side the cleaning staff to gain a detailed understanding of each contract.  Having an additional person cleaning means that there is usually no need for an initial deep clean and the client is not charged for this extra service.  The supervisor will then visit the site weekly or fortnightly depending on the frequency of the clean to make sure the client is satisfied and that the correct standards are being met.  These visits also ensure that our cleaners have regular face to face contact with their line manager and any issues are resolved quickly.  We operate a 24/7 helpline for our employees to use should they have an urgent request.  At least once a quarter Jackie Gilluley our Managing Director will visit each site to ensure that the client is satisfied with our service.


We provide NVQ Level 2 training courses to front-line cleaning staff and encourage them to develop their skills.  This ensures that our clients receive a professional and quality cleaning service.


The cleaning products and equipment we use have been carefully chosen to ensure that they have minimal impact on the environment but without compromising on performance.  Our staff are trained to recycle and reduce waste.  It doesn't have

to cost the earth to be environmentally friendly.

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